Budapest (HU)


Measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus SARS – CoV – 2 infection

Considering the provisions of the decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, regarding the approval of the national alert status and the prevention and control of infections measurements, in the context of the epidemiologic situation generated by SARS-CoV-2 virus, starting with the date of 18.05.2020, by exception of the General Terms and Conditions applicable within the Euro Mini Storage Hungária Kft. (EMS) Complex, the following rules of access and use of the closed spaces inside EMS Complex:

  1. In order to avoid the crowding of people in the Office Area and the Reception Area, within the EMS Complex, the clients’ access will be made, during this period, one person at a time;
  2. When entering inside EMS Complex – in closed spaces, it is mandatory to make the epidemiologic triage consisting in measurement of the temperature. The access of the persons whose measured temperature will exceed 37,3° C will be refused;
  3. Also, when entering inside EMS Complex – in closed spaces it is mandatory the disinfection of the hands. The working spaces are permanently disinfected and sanitized and, EMS will provide clients/visitors the necessary disinfectant in order to ensure the disinfection of the hands when entering in the unit;
  4. Inside closed spaces from EMS Complex it is mandatory to wear the protection mask, in order to cover the nose and mouth. It will be denied the access of the clients/visitors who are not wearing a protection mask. EMS will provide the clients/visitors protection masks, for a price;
  5. Furthermore, certain operations inside the EMS complex will be performed only with prior appointment (eg: handing over the unit after the end of the rental), so as to ensure the avoidance of overcrowding inside the EMS complex.
  6. Also, we ask you that, during the periods of time you wait to enter the EMS Complex – in closed spaces, where access is made according to the above rules, to respect, according to the provisions of the authorities, a minimum distance of 2 m compared to other customers / visitors.

We ask EMS clients to take responsibility and invite them, during this period, to continue to comply with the rules of access and use of the services of the subscribed above, imposed by us with the strict aim to try to prevent the spread of Coronavirus SARS – Cov infection. 2, as well as out of respect for the well-being of EMS staff and our clients.

We apologize for the inconvenience created and thank you for your understanding!