Professional packaging

We offer everything that is needed for professional packaging

To be sure that your goods or furniture is safe, you not only have to find reliable storage solution, but also have to take care of professional packaging. Euro Mini Storage provide everything so you don’t have to worry for your valuable goods while they are in the storage facilities.

Our storages provide ideal conditions

Our furniture storages have all the necessary conditions: our inside storage units are equipped with a heating system and ventilation, and light conditions preserve the state of delicate pieces of furniture that need special care.
The goods stored in an appropriate way will be safe for years in the storage units. Therefore you will be able to bring them home the same condition as they were before.

You can count on us when it comes to transporting as well

Our customers are free to use our pallet jack, trolley or forklift for free when packing. Moreover, we also provide a free trailer for 4 hours per day. If you have difficulties with transporting your goods, we gladly help you!

If you have any questions in connection with the packaging products or professional packaging, contact our colleagues!

We have everything that is needed for professional packaging

Even if you are looking for short-term or long-term solution for storing your goods, you want them to be safe. Hence our shop provides you everything that is needed for professional packaging from tapes to boxes. Check out our packaging products!