Self storage rental as a new dimension of warehouses

Euro Mini Storage is the first self-storage warehouse in Hungary and Romania that was founded with the specific intention to serve individual storage purposes such as domestic storage and business storage. Our warehouses offer altogether 11400 available space for storage rent with thousands of storage units in two locations.

The Canadian investors wanted to build world-class warehouses that lives up to international expectations. Using the most modern technology and creating the most up-to-date systems, unique spaces were created with the aim of self storage rental. Euro Mini Storage chose the locations to be easily accessible and well visible.

Mini self-storage rental is a commonly used storing method worldwide and it was high time it arrived to Budapest and Bucharest as well.

The entire investment cost around 15 million euros.

Euro Mini Storage was launched in Budapest and Bucharest at the same time.

Further investments are planned in four other locations in each city. That means an investment of another 20 million euros.

Self storage rental solutions