The undersigned EURO MINI STORAGE ROMANIA SRL (hereinafter called EMS), Romanian legal entity, with headquarters in Bucharest, district no. 3, 42J Theodor Pallady Blvd., registered in the trade registry under number J40/3844/2007, Unique Registration Code 21194805, personal data operator under number 0015996, admits and respects the right of the persons at confidentiality and security of their personal data.

Privacy policy and security of the personal data, implemented by EMS is applicable in order to collect, use, reveal and protect personal data information that you decide to give towards EMS, in the purpose of benefit of the service provided by us.

EMS guarantees to keep the confidentiality of personal data of their clients and obliges itself to treat with maximal attention and respect such data.

By personal data we mean at unique data, such as: name and surname, address, personal identification code, email, phone, fax, series and number of BI/CI, information regarding your driving permit and utilized vehicle inside EMS, image and voice.

Any person that benefits of the services provided by EMS and that offers voluntary their personal data to the operator, express and unequivocally agrees the following:

  • the personal data will be processed in order to benefit from the services of the operator;
  • to receive, from the operator, by email, informative letters/commercial offers, etc;
  • the personal data will be processed by the operator in order to ensure sequrity of the persons, their goods, the space of the operator and also his goods.

EMS will keep confidentiality of the personal data, excepts the information requested by legal competent authorities. EMS will not sale nor rent his data base to another third party.

EMS processes personal data only in the purpose in which the personal data have been collected and according to this policy. We revise our collection, storage and processing means, of personal data, in order to ensure that we process, collect and archive only the needed personal data, in order to provide and improve our services and activities.

We take all the means, that are in our reach, in order to ensure that your personal data are correct, complete and accurate, but we depend on you to give us actualized data or to collect your personal data, depending on the case.

We inform the clients that they benefit of the following rights: the right to be informed, the right to acces the data, the right of intervention, the right of opposition, the right of not being held under and individual decision, the right to be forgotten, the right to request portability of their data, the right to address towards ANSPDCP and the right to address in justice, in case of breach of their personal data.

In order to exercise these rights, you can address with a written request, dated and signed, transmitted by email at: , or by post, at the headquarters of the company, as it is above mentioned.

EMS obliges to answer at the requests of the clients, in no more than 15 days since receiving such request. The clients can address to ANSPDCP, if EMS didn’t answer their complaints regarding the breach of one of the above mentioned rights.

EMS informs its clients over the fact that, even if he takes all the necessary measures in order to protect personal data that are in EMS custody or control, it is necessary that the clients understand the fact that, EMS can’t guarantee that their personal data won’t be revealed nor accessed improperly and not according to the present policy.

EMS implements different measures in the effort to maintain confidentiality of all personal data in is custody and control, including by giving access to the data only towards personal of the company and authorized suppliers services that need this data.

Also, EMS informs its clients over the fact that, in order to prevent access, processing, modification or unauthorized revealing of the personal data under his custody and control, uses measurements of administrative protection, technical and physical.

The present privacy policy and confidentiality of personal data collected and processed by EURO MINI STORAGE ROMANIA SRL completes itself with the information note of processing personal data information and also with the consent to process personal data, given by the clients.