Domestic storage

Domestic storage for individuals

Why shouldn’t you have your own boat? The only obstacle would be the lack of space to store it, right? Do you love books but you have so many of them that you can’t move in your own home? Maybe you need a clean, dry and easily accessible corner for band equipment? Smaller apartments lack the space required for too big or too many items, but there is a solution for the problem.

Domestic storage is a service in high demand. The lack of space at home imposes a limit for things to possess. But this won’t have to bother you or to prevent you from obtaining what you need! Why? Because self storage rental for individuals at the Euro Mini Storage offers fully flexible and customizable self storage solutions.

You only have to pay for the space you actually need to use to store your belongings. You can opt for a couple of square metres with the help of our
Mini Storage solution or you can rent huge storage spaces as well, with fully customizable layout.

We are able to satisfy extreme requests as well, since our storage spaces are equipped to fulfill the most varying demands.

Since reaching the best possible allocation is our mutual goal, we are also happy to help you to pile your belongings in the most space-saving way. You are free to use a pallet jack, trolley or forklift when packing and you can also buy any equipment and material you might need in our shop.

We also provide you a free trailer for 4 hours per day and we also provide transport services for an additional fee.

How is domestic storage a safe storage solution for individuals?

One of the main points of self storage renting is that only you have access to your belongings stored in the storage space. You use your own padlock to secure your self storage locker — only you will have keys to access your equipment. You can also request a non-stop access that enables you to enter the warehouse any time.
Additional safety measures:

  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Smart card access
  • Smoke detector and alarm in every storage space
  • Emergency calling system

Preservation of goods is also a priority and to ensure this policy, every self storage space is enabled with good ventilation. Our inside self storage spaces are also equipped with a heating system.

Domestic storage

What if you don’t know how much space do you need?

The difficulty of domestic storage is to estimate the space for your belonging. Let us help you! Try our free storage space calculator!

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The aim of Euro Mini Storage is to offer the most suitable solutions for everyone. We designed our services to meet every needs, therefore period for rent, type of storage, size and layout of storage space, warehouse access and payment methods are all customizable.