Mini storage

Mini storage units according to your needs

Euro Mini Storage pays attention to all your needs, that’s why we offer mini storage as well.
Did you run out of storage space for documents in the office? Maybe you have an extensive collection that you cannot store in just another cupboard at home? Do you need a safe and convenient place for your tools, seasonal equipment but you don’t want to rent a store room? Then you need a mini storage with a self-storage solution. This is the easiest and most flexible way of storage available for you! It is also the safest and remarkably cost-efficient.

We offer mini storage units for rent where you can store documents, tools and any equipment requiring less space.
Mini storage space is available from 1 cubic metre (1 m x 1 m x 1.2 m) in the form of a storage locker and the size only depends on your needs and the size of the equipment desired to store in there.
With this opportunity you only will pay for the space you need!

It’s worth to choose our service if you…

  • live in a small flat and can’t find more space to store your goods
  • would like to store your documents and valuable things safely
  • would like to store your seasonal goods until you can use them again
  • own a company and don’t have enough space to store all the office documents and files
Mini storage